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Custom Built Multirotor UAV's
for Professional Aerial Photography

We Build and Sell Custom Multi-Rotor Aircraft for Professional Aerial Photography and Filming

Hello, welcome to AddictiveRC LLC and the website. My name is John Wood and here at AddictiveRC we specialize in R/C (radio controlled) FPV Racing, multirotor aircraft, aka UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) or drones as the media has coined them based on their military counterparts.

We specialize in custom built high end multi rotor UAV's for aerial photography, inspection services, search and rescue plus many other aerial services some of which have not even been invented yet. As the aerial vehicle industry is just getting started we feel like the Wright Brothers and this is our Kitty Hawk moment. Or maybe you just want to have fun, we can help with that too.

FPV Racing is our newest addiction and this sport is catching on fast. This catagory also includes Micro FPV's for indoor racing and flying via first person view. Look at the growing number of products via our menu or call us to discuss your FPV needs.

Our customer service is best in the industry, give us a call and we will assist you in buying or building the right UAV, multi rotor drone for your needs. Be it for fun, filming a movie, inspecting a crop or saving peoples lives our expertise and ability to build, setup and deliver exceptional UAV drones will make you and your organization extremely pleased.

Team Black Sheep Vendetta FPV Racer

Sky Hero Anakin FPV Racer

Holybro FPV Flight Controller

Xnova FPV Brushless Racing Motors

Align MR25 FPV Racing Quad

Emax Brushless Motors

Tatto Batteries for FPV Racing

Venom Drone Batteries

Professional Multirotor Aircraft

KDE Motors

VulcanUAV Black Widow X8 1100mm Folding Air Frame

Custom Built Vulcan Black Widow UAV

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