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ImmersionRC UHF (433mhz) Whip Antenna

ANT433SSRA - ImmersionRC UHF (433mhz) Whip Antenna

New! ImmersionRC UHF (433mhz) Whip Antenna

This simple, lightweight, 433MHz antenna is included with our EzUHF receivers.
Right-angle SMA connector with a piano-wire whip, flexible enough to survive some serious abuse.


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ImmersionRC EZUHF 4 Channel UHF RX

EZUHF4 - ImmersionRC EZUHF 4 Channel UHF RX

New ImmersionRC EZUHF 4 Channel RX

Featherweight Long-Range R/C receiver Ideal companion to the EzUHF transmitter. Single-board design, weight only 8g. Sensitive receiver, range comparable to its 8 channel big-brother. Ideal for long-range flights, with lightweight foam models, without any safety risk.


- Reliable FHSS Link (Frequency Hopping, Spread Spectrum)
- 433MHz/70cm Ham band operation
- -113dBm Sensitivity
- Ceramic filtered input, eliminates nearby high-power video Tx interference
- Mikrokopter mode, emits PPM (8 channels!) on a chosen channel
- USB Connection for easy firmware upgrades, and advanced configuration
- Standard SMA antenna connector, compatibility with standard 433/70cm band antennas
- 4 standard servo connectors
- Failsafe, preset by button on the EzUHF transmitter
- Power Requirements: 4.8v - 6v, 33mA.


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ImmersionRC EZUHF JR Fr-Sky TX Module

EZUHF_JR - ImmersionRC EZUHF JR Fr-Sky TX Module

New! ImmersionRC EZUHF JR Fr-Sky TX Module

A long-awaited module, compatible with most radios which use the 'JR' module standard, including the 9XR, and the new Taranis. Same features as its big brother, but without the cabling, nor external batteries

- 500mW of EzUHF Power
- JR Module, compatible with the Hobby King 9xR, and the FrSky Taranis
- Headtracker port, capable of powering a headset
- High-low power switch
- 100% compatible with all EzUHF Receivers.


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ImmersionRC Duo5800 v3 Diversity A/V Rx

IRC-DUO5800V3 - ImmersionRC Duo5800 v3 Diversity A/V Rx

New! ImmersionRC Duo5800 v3 Diversity A/V Rx

New V3 version with increased sensitivity and better video quality!
The ImmersionRC Duo5800 finally makes 5.8GHz A/V links affordable. Compatible with the ImmersionRC 25mW, and 600mW 5.8GHz transmitters, the FatShark 100mW transmitter, and the Iftron 5.8GHz transmitters, the Duo5800 provides a high quality video link, which co-exists with adjacent 2.4GHz R/C transmitters.

Another ImmersionRC first, the TrackerLink port makes a direct connection between the Duo5800 and the ImmersionRC Antenna Tracker (Rev. 2). This link provides the tracker with the RSSI signal strength data from each antenna, which the tracker then displays on its LCD display. This data is then used to optimize the tracking antenna’s positioning, continuously during a flight.

The higher video bandwidth, when compared with 2.4GHz systems, provides a high quality video image.

The standard 3.5mm 4-pole jacks combine video and stereo audio in one simple connection. These are compatible with all FatShark/ImmersionRC equipment, and greatly reduce ground-station ‘clutter’. (Combine with the ImmersionRC Power Box to increase the number of A/V outputs to 5)
Cables terminated in the 4-pole jacks are available in various lengths to interconnect equipment.
Two buffered A/V outputs are supplied, in addition to the TrackerLink port, allow an LCD Display/Goggles to be used at the same time as a video recorder.
An audible low-battery alarm provides plenty of warning before a ground-station battery is drained. Programmable for auto-detection of LiPo packs, or a user-defined voltage level.

- A/V receiver with diversity antenna inputs
- TrackerLink for direct link to the ImmersionRC Antenna Tracker (Rev. 2)
- Sensitive receivers (-90dBm)
- SMA antenna connectors, compatible with standard 5.8GHz antennas (omni or directional)
- Frequencies: 5740, 5760, 5780, 5800, 5820, 5840, 5860MHz
- Two standard whip antennas included!
- Not affected by 2.4GHz R/C radios!
- Audible Low-battery alarm
- Weight: 200 grams
- Size: 80 x 100 x 23mm
- Input voltage range: 6 – 12V at 500 mA (3s Lipo Ideal)

- Duo5800 Receiver
- 2 standard 5.8G whip antennas
- 1 power cable with bare wire leads and 2.1mm barrel connector
- 2 x 30cm a/v cables with female RCA connectors.


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ImmersionRC EzOSD Deans

IRC-EZOSDD - ImmersionRC EzOSD Deans

New! ImmersionRC EzOSD with Deans Connectors

This version includes Deans style connectors on the current sensor
The FPVers OSD FPV is coming of age, and its time for FPV equipment to come of age also. The EzOSD was created by FPVers with hundreds of hours of experience, after listening to the wishes of countless ‘Newbies’, and experience pilots alike.

Simple Setup, Nobody wants to spent hours in front of a PC, or wading through a manual, to setup an OSD. The EzOSD’s on-screen menu system is integrated, and accessed using three simple buttons.

Its easy to exceed the maximum altitude, or distance, allowed for FPV (or any other flight) in your region. The EzOSD can be setup to warn you, when selected parameters are exceeded, for example, altitude > 150m. Support is also provided to comply with Amateur radio callsign broadcast requirements. The EzOSD can automatically broadcast your callsign periodically

- Crisp text, shadowed to ensure visibility against a summer sky, or a winter evening
- Robust design, reverse polarity protection, overvoltage protection
- Firmware upgrades without a PIC programmer, standard USB port on/board
- Simple, uncluttered display, just the essentials. Which way is home, and how long can I stay up here
- Warnings for low battery voltage, pack capacity reached, too high, too far, etc
- Periodic Amateur radio callsign broadcast, to comply with FCC regulations
- OSD control from a spare servo channel (optional)
- Intuitive menu system, with onboard menu buttons
- After-flight debriefing, shows a summary of the flight: Max. altitude, max. distance, max Speed, Average Speed, Distance Flown.


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ImmersionRC EZUHF 8 Channel Diversity Receiver

IRC-EZUHF8DIV - ImmersionRC EZUHF 8 Channel Diversity Receiver

New! ImmersionRC EzUHF 8 Channel Diversity Receiver
This is the perfect companion to the EzUHF Transmitter. Featuring a super sensitive receiver module with twin antenna inputs in diversity configuration.

- Reliable FHSS Link (Frequency Hopping, Spread Spectrum)
- -112dbm Sensitivity
- SAW Filtered input that eliminates nearby High-Power video tx interference
- Mikrokopter Mode, emits PPM on a chosen channel
- Diversity Antenna Configuration!


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ImmersionRC EZUHF Radio Transmitter

IRC-EZUHFTX1 - ImmersionRC EZUHF Radio Transmitter

New! ImmersionRC EzUHF Long-Range RC Transmitter
Reliable long-range FPV/UAV model control. The most popular UHF Long Range control system in the FPV market. Proven solid RC link for up to 30Km+ using less than 500mW of RF power!

- Reliable FHSS Link (Frequency Hopping, Spread Spectrum)
- GFSK modulation ensures spectral purity
- 500mW (27dBm) output power
- Single pushbutton learning of failsafe positions
- Mates with 8 channel, and 4 channel EzUHF receivers


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ImmersionRC Uno 5.8Ghz A/V Receiver V4

IRC-UNO5800V4 - ImmersionRC Uno 5.8Ghz A/V Receiver V4

New! ImmersionRC Uno 5.8Ghz A/V Receiver V4

Ground Station Component Receiver:

The Uno5800 is the first in a line of ‘smart’ receivers designed for single-cable, plug and play, integration with the ImmersionRC Ground Station system.
The UNO5800 passes power, audio, video, and a bidirectional data link, through a single Mini-Din connector, to the Ground Station, and also provides traditional 3.5mm jacks, and DC power jacks, for compatibility with older systems. (mini-din connector will be available separately, Uno includes 1 30cm a/v cable with female RCA plugs and 1 2.1mm barrel connector power lead with bare wires)
The data link allows the Ground Station to know, at all times, the received signal strength (RSSI), allowing it to warn the pilot of low-signal conditions, helping ‘hone’ a GPS-tracked antenna mount, to ensure that the antenna is always optimally positioned pointing at the plane. This same data link allows the Ground Station to control various aspects of the receiver. An antenna mounted directly on the antenna’s RF output eliminates cable loses but, can cause difficulty gaining access to the controls directly on the receiver, but with the UNO’s data link channel selection can be controlled on the ground station.

With > -90dB sensitivity per receiver the Uno 5800 is sensitive, very sensitive. Paired with an appropriate antenna, it will give you many miles/km of range. Add an antenna tracker, and a higher gain antenna, and this range increases significantly.
Like every ImmersionRC product, we have engineered the UNO5800 from an FPV-er’s perspective. It will warn you when the receiver battery runs low, with an automatic, or user-settable low voltage threshold.


FatShark and ImmersionRC Ltd. are proud to announce the launch of the 'NexWaveRF' series of A/V RF modules.
The first in this series are for the 5.8GHz band, using the 'Airwave' frequencies used previously by FatShark, ImmersionRC, and other companies such as Iftron.
The increased performance of these modules, combined with the 5.8GHz SpiroNET omnis, and the upcoming 5.8GHz SpiroNET patch antennas, will make FPV using CE-legal 25mW systems much more viable.
Frequencies (Airwave) : 5740MHz, 5760MHz, 5780MHz, 5800MHz, 5820MHz, 5840MHz, 5860MHz?(all within the legal ISM band).

- Dual buffered A/V outputs
- Single Cable Groundstation Connection (Power, Audio, Video, Control)
- 6-13v DC Supply
- High Bandwidth Stereo Audio.


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ImmersionRC 600mw 5.8Ghz A/V Transmitter

IRC5.8-600MW - ImmersionRC 600mw 5.8Ghz A/V Transmitter

New! ImmersionRC 600mw 5.8Ghz A/V Transmitter
The 600mW version of the 5.8GHz transmitter greatly increases the range of a 5.8GHz link, adding a margin of security over the 25/100mW version. Team up with a Duo5800 receiver on the ground, and enjoy noise-free video further than you can see your model.
Compatible with 2.4ghz flight systems, FPV flight was hampered in its early years by the rapid spread of 2.4GHz R/C gear. This equipment caused interference on 2.4GHz A/V links which made them unusable.
The higher video bandwidth, when compared with 2.4GHz systems, provides a high quality video image.
The onboard switching regulator easily powers connected 5v cameras with a clean, noise-free power source, with enough power to drive power-hungry HD cameras.
The standard, polarized, locking FatShark/ImmersionRC connectors ensure that critical connections cannot work free during flight, and can never be inserted backwards.


- 600mW (+28dBm) typical output power
- 6-25V input voltage, 2S-6S LiPo compatible
- Typical power consumption of just 3W at any input voltage
- Super-quiet, high efficiency switching regulator
- Small, light weight, all-in-one A/V transmitter solutionbr
- Robust and durable locking connectors
- 5V power output, ideal for powering cameras
- No interference with sensitive RC equipment by design
- High bandwidth video
- High bandwidth stereo-audio
- Composite video input at 1Vpp/75 ohm
- Two sets of A/V connectors, for easy patch-in of an audio source
- 7 channels (5740, 5760, 5780, 5800, 5820, 5840, 5860), PLL synthesized
- FM Audio/Video Modulation
- 50 ohm antenna impedance
- Weight: 18-grams
- Size 50 x 23 x 15 mm.
- Requires airflow for cooling, do not mount in an enclosed area
- Must be used with an antenna at all times
- May require a license to operate!!


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SpiroNet 5.8GHz Antenna Set (2 antennas) SMA

SN5G8RHSET - SpiroNet 5.8GHz Antenna Set (2 antennas) SMA

New! ImmersionRC SMA - SpiroNet 5.8GHz Antenna Set (2 antennas)


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