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DroidWorx CX Quad-Copter Air Frame Kit

DW-CX-4 - DroidWorx CX Quad-Copter Air Frame Kit

New! DroidWorx CX Quad-Copter Air Frame Kit.

The CX-4 airframe comes complete for self-assembly and is suited for fitting most current electronics like MikroKopter UAV, Hoverfly (Pro and Sport), DJI Wookong, Arducopter, Open Pilot, UAVP-NG and more!

As a compact craft (600mm diameter) the Droidworx CX-4 is designed for multiple tasks from extreme sports filming with POV cameras like GoPro HD and Contour or thermal imaging cameras (Tau/FLIR) for applications in the services sector such as surveillance, inspection of infrastructure/property (power lines, bridges, buildings, crops), fire spotting and SAR operations. Great care and resources were invested in the development of this craft, which is particularly valued for its potential to be of assistance in (natural) disaster zones and hazardous situations as well as in planning and maintenance tasks.


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