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New! DJI Mini OSD for NAZA and Wookong-M

DJI-IOSDMINI - New! DJI Mini OSD for NAZA and Wookong-M

New! DJI Mini OSD for DJI-NAZA and Wookong-M Auto-Pilot

The Naza-M now supports iOSD Mini. This will undoubtedly give you a fantastic FPV flight performance. Depending upon DJI’s accumulation of historic and reliable information integration technology, the iOSD Mini can grab the most accurate first-hand flight data information in the shortest possible time.

- Voltage: 6V
- Video Input/Output Mode: PAL/NTSC(automatically recognize)
- Weight: 14g
- Working Current (Typical Value): 180mA@6V


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New! Industry Leading DJI Wookong-M Multi-Rotor Auto-Pilot
General Specs:

Built in Functions:
• Autopilot
• Auto Hover Fail Safe

Multi Rotor Types:
• Quad-Rotor
• Hex-Rotor
• Octo-Rotor
Supported ESC Output:
• 200HZ Refresh rate Frequencys

Recommended Transmitter:
• PCM or 2.4GHZ with 5 Channels Minimumand Failsafe on all Channels

Recommended Power Supply:
• DC 4.8v to 12v
• Power Module Included

Power Consumption:
• 5 watts Max
• 0.9amps at 5v
• 0.7amps at 5.8v
• 0.5amps at 7.4v
• 0.4amps at 8v

Operating Temperature:
• -5 degrees C to +60 degrees C

Hovering Accuracy:
• Vertical +- 0.5M
• Horizontal +- 2M

Suitable Wind Conditions:
• Up to 17.7mph

Maximum Rotational Angle:
• 30 degrees

Vertical Speed:
• 3 meters per second

• Main Controller 61mm x 39.6mm x 15.8mm
• IMU: 40mm x 31mm x 26mm
• GPS and Compass: 50mm x (diameter) x 9mm
• LED Indicator: 25mm x 25mm x 7mm

User Manuals
DJI WooKong M User Manual (WooKong_M_User_Manual_en.pdf)

Driver Files
DJI 32/64 bit USB Driver Download. (

DJI Download Site
DJI NAZA Download Site


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