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AddictiveRC Custom Built Multi-Rotor Ready to Fly

ADDRC1 - AddictiveRC Custom Built Multi-Rotor Ready to Fly

AddictiveRC Now Offers Custom Built Multicopter's from 450mm to 1.2 Meters in size. Our Custom Builders have over 40 years of Custom Building Experience in the R/C Industry. We offer many High End Frame choices for our Custom Builds From the Following Frame Manufacturers:


Pricing to lift DSLR Camera's Starts at $12,000.00

We offer a few choices For Camera Mounts From The Following Manufacturers:

PhotoHigher: AV130, AV200
DJI-Z15 Zen Muse (Sony NEX 5N, 7 and Panasonic Lumix GH-2 and GH-3
AeroXcraft: NEX 5N and GoPro
XAircraft: GoPro
RC-Carbon Brushless Gimbals (From GoPro to RED Cinema Camera's)

The Flight Controllers used in our Custom Builds are from the following Manufacturers:

DJI-Innovations: Wookong-M and NAZA
HoverFly: Pro and Sport
Xaircraft Super-X
APM 2.6
Pixhawk, And more

For Motors We build with the Following Manufacturers:
Tiger Motor
AXI Motors

We Build using Speed Controllers from DJI, May Tech, and Hobby Wing to name a Few.

Our Most Commonly used Transmitter is The Spektrum DX8 and DX18.

Please Call us for a Custom Build Quote from one of our Professionals.


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VulcanUAV 900mm Custom Built Quad-Copter By AddictiveRC

ADDRC_CB_VQ4 - VulcanUAV 900mm Custom Built Quad-Copter By AddictiveRC

Now Available! Custom Built VulcanUAV 900mm Quad-Copter RTF Multi-Copter System

Detailed Specs of this Custom Build Are as Follows:

This Machine is built for Professional AP and Video Work.

• Air Frame: VulcanUAV 900mm Quad
• Camera Gimbal: PhotoHigher AV 130 Fits up to Panasonic Lumix GH2/3 and Cannon 550D sized DSLR's
• Motors: T-Motor MN4014 400KV (900watt) BL Motors
• Props: T-Motor 15 x 5.5 or Sigma 15 x 5 CF Props
• DJI-Wookong-M with GPS
• Spektrum DX-8 w/AR800 and Telemetry Module
• LED Lighting System for LOS Visibility and Orientation
• Maytech 40 amp ESC's
• HoverflyGimbal Controller
• HD Power Distribution Ring
• 1-6S 30C 8000mah Lipo
• Hyperion EOS 606IAD Charger
• Base Pricing starts at $7,554.00
• Shipping not included in base pricing
• Optional Upgrades Available
• Please call us for further details and availability!


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Availability: Call

New! Custom Built X-650mm Quad-Copter RTF by AddictiveRC

ADRC_CB_X650_TQ - New! Custom Built X-650mm Quad-Copter RTF by AddictiveRC

Now Available Custom Built X-650mm Folding Quad-Copter RTF Multi-Copter System

This Multi-Copter is built for AP and Video Work.
Built and Tuned by the Professionals at AddictiveRC


- Air Frame: Tarrot 650mm Folding Carbon Fiber Quad-Copter
- Camera Gimbal: AeroXcraft Brushless Hero3 2-Axis Gimbal System
- Motors: T-Motor MN-3110-700KV x 4
- Props: T-Motor CF 11 x 4.5 x 4
- Auto-Pilot: DJI-NAZA-V2 w/GPS
- Transmitter: Spektrum DX8/Ar8000
- Custom Extended Lang Gear and Gimbal Mount
- LED Lighting for LOS Visibility
- Motor Speed Control: Maytech 30-amp with SK FW

What's Not Included:
- GoPro Hero-3 Camera
- 4S 5000-6200mah Lipo Battery
- Lipo Battery Charger

This is an exremely stable flying machine!


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Availability: Call

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