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About AddictiveRC LLC

Hello, welcome to AddictiveRC LLC and the website. My name is John Wood and here at AddictiveRC we specialize in R/C (radio controlled) multirotor aircraft, aka UAV's (unmanned aerial vehicles) or drones as the media has coined them based on their military counterparts.

Custom Built Vulcan UAV - Drone
Custom Built Vulcan UAV - Drone

We specialize in custom built high end multi rotor UAV's for aerial photography, inspection services, search and rescue plus many other aerial services some of which have not even been invented yet. As the aerial vehicle industry is just getting started we feel like the Wright Brothers and this is our Kitty Hawk moment. Or maybe you just want to have fun, we can help with that too.

DJI Inspire 1, Set Up and Ready to Film
DJI Inspire 1, Set Up and Ready to Film

4K and higher video resolution is all the rage and professional cinematographers working on low and big budget movies will benefit from our aerial platforms that are capable of lifting many of the movie industries high end cameras. At a fraction of the cost the small film production company can now achieve shots only big budget Hollywood was able to using expensive helicopters and chase cars. You can even achieve smooth stable footage without the use of dollies or cranes allowing even the micro and home cinematographer to get that perfect shot.

From an inspection industry standpoint the UAV is a much needed and highly versatile tool allowing the agricultural farmer to inspect their crops, building and line inspectors to safely conduct their inspections at affordable prices and in half the time.

Law enforcement, border patrol or search and rescue teams plus many other municipalities can now put a UAV to work faster, safer and far more effectively than the use of helicopters or other expensive rigs. From small quadcopters to portable UAV's that can be brought into remote locations the ability to save lives has never been more achievable.

Align M480 UAV Drone
Align M480 UAV, Drone

To assist the above industries sells many pre built, manufactured UAV drones that are almost ready to fly needing only a transmitter. We can also setup pre built units such as the DJI Inspire 1 or any of the high quality Align multi rotors so that they are completely ready to start filming, inspecting or searching with once you receive them. DIY kits are also available in addition to all the parts needed to repair or build a multi-rotor drone from scratch.

Since 1982, John S. Wood owner of AddictiveRC has been building and designing custom built radio controlled vehicles for air, land and even water. Today, he is offering his many years of experience to help the small business or hobbyist make the best possibly decision when purchasing or building their aerial vehicle platform.

AddictiveRC's knowledgeable staff have been flying, advising and building multi-rotor and fixed wing aircraft products for over 10 years now and together, we have a combined 70+ years of experience in the R/C industry.

We are constantly developing and testing new products for UAV's and aerial photography platforms. This research and development has enabled us to accumulate a large database of knowledge which we provide to our customers helping them to find and or build the right aerial vehicle product for their specific needs.

John Wood and his company AddictiveRC LLC has consulted with and continues to consult and advise many high profile customers on their multi-rotor drones, including SpaceX, NASA, US Army, Purdue University, Rutgers University, US Navy, UC Berkeley, University of Florida to name a few. Being based in Tucson, AZ we routinely work with UofA students and the University of Arizona faculty.

AddictiveRC Clients

Our customer service is best in the industry, give us a call and we will assist you in buying or building the right UAV, multi rotor drone for your needs. Be it for fun, filming a movie, inspecting a crop or saving peoples lives our expertise and ability to build, setup and deliver exceptional UAV drones will make you and your organization extremely pleased.

AddictiveRC LLC has also created a social network website called where customers, hobbyists and professionals can come together to interact, share and learn from each other. Check out MyAddictiveRC and register for your free membership today.

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